Making it easier to start local food farms. For the planet, for people, and for profit.

Hi, my name is Antonio. I currently manage my own farm, a 65-acre property in Ontario, lovingly known as Cavaleiro Farm.

I am a lifelong learner. I’ve worked in racing, robotics, construction, and as a photographer before I began focusing on local food from urban farms. Before starting my own farm, I worked as an Engineer. 

I later completed a Masters in Environmental Studies with my thesis on agroecological farm design using popular education. I wanted to understand how we could build farms that work with nature, engage the communities they sell food to, and are economically sustainable. I always ask myself: how can we co-create farms that empower communities?

I love group learning, and have facilitated workshops on vegetable growing, soil-building, mushrooms, anti-oppression, project management, and more. At Cavaleiro Farm, I work with local food businesses, helping entrepreneurs improve their production, reduce costs, and build stronger brands.

Building Solar Energy Systems to Grow Your Food

This online course provides a step-by-step guide to building solar energy systems that you can use on your farm or garden for water management, electric...

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